Westminster Abbey in 3D Westminster Abbey was inspired by the huge Gothic cathedrals that were appearing in France at the time. The revolutionary flying buttresses made it possible to support the roof more than 100 feet above the ground without needing massively thick walls.
Westminster Abbey in 3D Westminster Abbey has not in fact been an abbey since Henry VIII and the 'dissolution of the monasteries', and although the name is still used, it is more correct to call the building a church (cathedral-sized). Westminster Abbey.
Big Ben and the London Eye Big Ben is one of London's best-known landmarks, and looks most spectacular at night when the clock faces are illuminated. You even know when parliament is in session, because a light shines above the clock face.
The houses of parliament The Houses of Parliament are in The Palace of Westminster. The part with the tiled roof - Westminster Hall - is all that remains of the earlier palace that was destroyed by fire. When this was the monarch's main residence 900 years ago, the business of government became established on the site and it has remained here ever since.
Big Ben In 1856 the clock's great bell was cast. Because of a miscalculation the finished bell weighed sixteen tons instead of the fourteen intended. During testing the bell developed a four-foot crack and was pronounced `porous, unhomogenous, unsound and a defective casting'. It was broken up and the material used to cast another.
Westminster Abbey  or the Houses of Paliament The famous Victorian, gothic-style building is faced with yellow Anton stone. This is a magnesium limestone that dissolves readily in acidic London rain and has needed a lot of restoration work. The houses of parliament.


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