Police Car in 3D Police Car in 3D
Admiralty Arch in 3D Admiralty Arch (see below) lies at the eastern end of The Mall; Buckingham Palace is at the opposite end. The Mall was constructed between 1829 and 1841 to commemorate Lord Nelsonís victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. Admiralty Arch may look like a monument, but it is actually an office building. Admiralty Arch was commissioned by King Edward VII to commemorate the death of Queen Victoria.
The National Gallery in 3D In 1831 Parliament agreed to construct a building for the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square. There had been lengthy discussion about the best site for the Gallery, and Trafalgar Square was eventually chosen as it was considered to be at the very centre of London. The new building opened in 1838.
Tourists taking photos outside the National Gallery Tourists take photos outside The National Gallery.
Trafalgar Square tourists Trafalgar Square.
Trafalgar Square tourists Trafalgar Square.


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