Felled stacked branches with frostFelled, stacked branches to tidy up the place. Frosty morning, ideal to catch some of the autumn colors.
Autumn leaves in 3DClose up of the autumn leaves with a frosty coating. Wonderful colors and shows you can get quite...
Fuji finepix Real 3D Golden Autumn LeavesGolden autumn leaves, the Fuji camera's have always been acclaimed for their color balance.
Snowy, slushy country road in 3DThe road between Cretingham and Otley, Suffolk, UK. this winter 2011. Stopped on the way to work.
Wooded area covered in snow 3D side by side stereo photographBetween Cretingham and Otley, Suffolk during the winter of 2011. Thought it would make a good..
Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Toby in 3DToby, loves to pose for me. He's a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. A very loyal, loving dog and well trained...
Frozen lake with dusting of snowThe lake is iced over with a light dusting of snow. I thought this would make an interesting composition...
Grasses and lake in 3DThis probably works better in 3D. Even as a 2D shot you get the feeling of distance created by the...


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