Moorgate underground station in 3D Two underground stations vie with each other as the biggest on the network, each with 10 platforms - Baker Street and Moorgate. Baker Street can be argued as the true holder of the title however as all are used by London Underground trains (4 Metropolitan, 2 Circle, 2 Bakerloo and 2 Jubilee) whereas four of Moorgate's are operated by NetworkRail operators (Thameslink 2 and WAGN 2) - the others are 2 Northern and 4 Circle and Metropolitan.
Underground train arriving at Moorgate Station The highest point reached by London Underground trains is at Amersham on the Metropolitan Line at about 500 feet above sea level. However the highest point above the ground is reached on the Dollis Brook Viaduct on the Mill Hill East branch of the Northern Line which is 60 feet above the road below.
underground train blurred with speed The lowest point on the underground system is just south of Waterloo station on the Northern, where the tracks are 70 feet below sea level. The absolute deepest part of the system is also on the Northern where, below Hampstead Heath, the rails are over 220 feet below the ground. Nearby Hampstead station is also the deepest station on the network at 192 feet below ground level. The platforms here are reached by the deepest lifts on the system which descend 181 feet.
Tube Train The shortest line on the London Underground system is the Waterloo & City which at 1.38 miles easily beats the former holder of the title, the East London Line (five miles) when the former was taken over from British rail in 1994.
London Underground facts and figures
London underground train (tube train) London Underground operate nearly 400 route miles of underground railway line, the majority of which is double track. Perhaps surprisingly, less than 50% of this is actually underground, a statistic which owes much to the system's expansion during the 1930's and 1940's when the network expanded into the suburbs over the branch lines of the mainline railway companies. Most of the underground lines are deep level tubes which currently extend for nearly 140 route miles (this will increase when the Jubilee extension comes into use in 1999) with just 32 miles of sub-surface lines built by the original "cut and cover" method.
Yellow bars inside a London Tube train idicate you're on a Circle Line train The London Underground Trains use colours to denote which line you're on. Very handy when you're travelling the system and using many trains and lines to get to your destination. As you can see here, this underground tube train is a Circle Line train. The bars are yellow. Take a look at a famous tube map here.


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