Ramps leading up to the entrance of the Lloyds building Lloyd’s is the world’s leading specialist insurance market, conducting business in over 200 countries and territories worldwide – and is often the first to insure new, unusual or complex risks. We bring together an outstanding concentration of specialist expertise and talent, backed by excellent financial ratings which cover the whole market. - view of the ramps leading up to the entrance.
Lloyds of London Staircase Buildings are not idiosyncratic private institutions: they give public performances both to the user and the passerby. Thus the architect's responsibility must go beyond the client's program and into the broader public realm. Though the client's...

— Richard Rogers. from Barbie Campbell Cole and Ruth Elias Rogers, ed. Richard Rogers + Partners. p19.
Lloyds of London, Gherkin and The Willis Building From left to right: Lloyds of London, The Gherkin (Swiss Re Tower) and the Willis building 3 of London's iconic architectural delights. Each stunning individually. Here all three together in glorious 3D.
1 Lime Street, London EC3M 6. Lloyds Building London 1 Lime Street, London EC3M 6. Lloyds Building London
The inside out building in 3D The Lloyd's building AKA the Inside-Out Building is the home of the insurance institution Lloyd's of London. It was designed by architect Richard Rogers and built between 1978 and 1986.
Building site for The Cheese Grater This set of photos taken in July 2011. Currently under construction the Cheese Grater Leadenhall project. The original name coined by the British press was The Thunderbird but the British public being masters at spotting the obvious and quick to deflate any over-sized egos refer to it as the Cheese Grater. At 48 floors it's going to be an impressive feature on the skyline of the business district of London. You can see what it will look like on skyscraper news.


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