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Liverpool St Station is built on the site of the Bethlehem Hospital, which was commonly known as “Bedlam.” Liverpool St Station is built on the site of the Bethlehem Hospital, which was commonly known as “Bedlam.”
Liverpool Street Station The station takes its name from the street it's located on (Liverpool Street) which was built and named durning its construction in 1829. Named after Lord Liverpool, Great Britain's Prime Minister from 1812 to 1827.
Liverpool  Street Station from the upper shopping level. Liverpool Street Station is one of the busiest main line stations in the UK with 123 million visitors each year. Situated in the Broadgate commercial district in London.
Liverpool Street Station. The bit most travellers see. The station was extensively modified between 1985 and 1992, including bringing all the platforms in the main shed up to the same end point and constructing a new underground booking office, but its façade, Victorian cast-iron pillars, and the memorial for Great Eastern Railway employees who died in the Great War were retained. The redevelopment coincided with the closure and demolition of neighbouring Broad Street station and the construction of the Broadgate development in its place. Liverpool Street was officially re-opened by HM Queen Elizabeth II in 1991. At this time the giant timetable board, which is suspended above the station concourse, was installed at great expense. However due to technical difficulties there was a long delay after the official opening before it became operational. It was one of the last remaining mechanical "flapper board" display boards at a UK railway station and certainly the largest, but was removed from service in September 2007 and replaced by electronic boards.

Liverpool Street padestrian area Liverpool Street padestrian area: The design of the stone piers is based on the original piers installed in 1875. One of these original piers remains and is located adjacent to No. 50 Liverpool Street.The railings there are taken from a pattern of a gate found on the Bishopsgate side of the station.
Escalators at Liverpool Street Station. Escalators at Liverpool Street Station.


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