My Notes and Instructions for using Muttyans Stereo Photo Maker

I've added my notes and instructions for using Muttyans stereo Photo Maker for anyone wishing to use this excellent piece of software on their web site. If you wish to have your own 3D web site designed contact DirectFX.

If you're wondering what this is, it's the java applet I'm using on the photo gallery of this web site.

My Photos Were Too Big!

Firstly, I found that the photos I was trying to use were too big (in file size). Having gone through all the processing and uploading to the web site the Java Applet doesn't and wouldn't load/work.

Make sure the file size of your photographs are less than 700kb when displaying up to 6 thumbnails at a time - No More.

Easy Image Modifier

To reduce the file size and the dimensions of my photographs I found Easy Image Modifier

My Fuji Finepix Real 3D w3 camera is set to its highest quality photos and so I've been reducing these 10 megapixel photos to 25% of their original size (width and height) with no image compression to retain the detail in the images.

Easy Image Modifier does allow for image compression if you want to speed up the loading time of your Stereo Photo Viewer Applet.

Stereo Photo Maker

I convert my .mpo files using stereo photo maker. Stereo photo maker converts them to side-by-side .jpg images. It's these side by side .jpgs that I then reduce in file size by reducing the physical size of each image (dimensions) in Easy Image Modifier. I would've used something like Fireworks on my Mac but Stereo Photo Maker only works on PC. With the .mpo file converted to .jpgs and the file sizes reduced it's back into Stereo Photo Maker.

This time select "Make HTML file from image list (window). Choose all of your newly converted photos. Change any other settings, I like to choose "Display Stereo Type "Cross-Eyed" because I like the Stereo Photo Viewer to open with cross eyed viewing displayed first. It's a taste thing, I find it easier to view cross eyed than parallel viewing. (Parallel viewing's the default). Choose your preferred thumbnail size and wallpaper color or background image. You're done! Click "Start Selected Files" and Stereo Photo Maker then creates the HTML file and associated java applet all in one neat folder.


Making stereoscopic photos with Stereo Photo Maker and Easy Image Modifier
  1. Open StereoPhotoMaker

  2. Select Multi Conversion Note: It's set up to convert .mpo to .jpgs
    (Check the previews to make sure the whole image is converted properly. If one is split incorrectly try opening it individually and then resaving it. That worked for me.)

  3. Open EasyImageMod.
    Drag and drop the photos you wish to process onto it.

  4. Resize by percentage 25%

  5. Change Format by Uncheck Set Saving Format

  6. Uncheck Set Image Quality

  7. Set destination

  8. StereoPhotoMaker

  9. Select: Make HTML File from image list (Window)

  10. Select all the newly Easy Image Modified images

  11. Display Stereo Type "Cross-Eyed"

  12. Thumbnail size 226 x 169

  13. Select Wall Paper Color 229 229 229

    CLICK "Start Selected Files"


Stereo Photo maker then creates the HTML file and associated java applet.


3D Stereoscopic Pair of Photos

3D Stereoscopic Pairs Left - Custom Car - Dover
3D Stereoscopic Pairs Right - Custom Car - Dover

Taken a while ago using my Sony Cybershot P43 Camera this image was taken with the right eye. 3D image of a beautiful custom car.

This image was taken with my right eye using my previous camera the Sony Cybershot P43. The custom car was parked behind a lorry, note the shadow cast.


The magic of 3d!


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