3D Gherkin, Willis and Lloyds

St Helen's and 30 St. Mary Axe (The Gherkin) Foreground: St Helen's (previously known as the Aviva Tower) It is 118 metres (387 ft) tall and has 28 floors. Upon its completion in 1969, it was the first building in the City of London to exceed the height of St Paul's Cathedral. It was built by Taylor Woodrow Construction as one only four high rise buildings London using a top-down engineering design where the lower office floors are suspended from above rather than supported from below. St Helen's more info.
Location: 1 Undershaft, City of London, London EC3. The closest tower next to the Gherkin and the skyscraper often photographed with the Gherkin.
Background: 30 St. Mary Axe. (The Gherkin)
Cheese Grater Construction, St Andrew Church and 30 St. Mary Axe (The Gherkin) in 3D St Andrew a Church of England church located at St Mary Axe (often photographed with the Gherkin) in Aldgate ward of the City of London, near the Lloyd's Building. It is a rare example of a City church that has managed to escape both the Great Fire of London in 1666 and the Second World War bombing during the London Blitz of 1940-1941. St Andrew Undershaft
Location: Undershaft, St Mary Axe.
Foreground: Small section of the construction area for the Cheese Grater. Located at 122 Leadenhall, the tapering 47 storey, 736 ft (224m) tower was designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners and is due for practical completion in mid 2014. More pictures of The Leadenhall building (Cheese Grater).
A Spectacular 3D photograph of Lloyds of London, The Gherkin and The Willis Building From left to right. Lloyds of Londoon, 30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin) and 51 Lime Street (The Willis Building). A spectacular 3D photograph.
Details of The Willis Building. Architect: Sir Norman Foster. This design was originally based on the interlocking shells of a prawn. It has been modestly redesigned to take into account the clients requirements. The steps of the building are 124.9m, 97.1 and 68.6, proportioned to help the building relate to the surrounding context of it's midrise neighbours such as Lloyds of London. The building weights a total of 65,000 tonnes and has piled foundations 38 metres deep. In all it took 30,000 people 1.5 million manhours to design and build the building from start to finish. For more information see skyscrapernews.com.
30 St Mary Axe in 3D 3D Photograph of 30 St Mary Axe. City of London. One of the most iconic skyscrapers in the world. designed by Sir Norman Foster and Arup engineers and was erected by Skanska in 20012003.
The Gherkin, Erotic Gherkin, The Towering Innuendo, and the Crystal Phallus. 3D photograph of the 30 St Mary Axe. AKA The Gherkin, Erotic Gherkin, The Towering Innuendo, and the Crystal Phallus.
alt06 I've seen many a 3D photograph where the depth is revealed within the reflections so I thought I'd try this out. The glass facade of The Gherkin makes a wonderful opportunity. Next time I'll zoom in a bit more. For some great aeriel views navigate around http://wiki.worldflicks.org/ and for more information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/30_St_Mary_Axe


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