Silver Sin Playing at The Limes Hotel Silver Sin playing Live at the Limes Hotel, Needham Market, Suffolk.
Silver Sin comprising of bass player, lead singer, Lynn and Bob Silver Sin rock it up at the Limes. Band members include Darren Pratt (Bass), Yula Andrews lead vocals, Lynn on drums and Bob mean guitarist.
Silver Sin Suffolk's premier Rock covers band Excellent rock covers pub band Silver Sin play a diverse set from Bon Jovi to the Ting Tings. Book them for your event or pub gig. Click Here
Anaglyph - Held in high esteem throughout the Rock world the photographer Raven What a coincidence meeting Raven at the Limes gig having met her and photographing her only the other night at Groove in Ipswich. We get about us photographers.
Anaglyph Raven Raven the famous rock/musicians photographer. Although not restricted to Rock she's made a name for herself in this genre. Click here to see some examples of her fantastic photography.
3D Anaglyph - Raven in her usual pose behind the camera Raven as she is more commonly seen (behind the camera). If you're interested in having your photographs taken by Raven contact Here.


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