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There are many formats and ways in which to view 3D photographs. Did you know you can view these 3D photos in color and without special glasses just by crossing your eyes? This technique takes a little practice but I think it's worth the effort as the resulting image is in full color AND 3D. Alternatively obtaining a pair of red/green or red/blue 3D glasses will save you from this effort. I'll explain in more detail the different formats and ways of viewing 3D in the 3D photography section of this web site.

Depth Charge 3D is all about introducing you to 3D photography and for your visual stimulation and entertainment, personally I think the effect can be quite magical.

As we all know 3D Films, televisions and 3D cameras are becoming more and more popular and I'll try to give an idea of what's going on in this field as this site develops and as 3D technologies evolve.

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Autumn leaves with frost coating

Autumn leaves on a frosty day


Depth Charge 3D Stereoscopic Photo Gallery

allows for some of the following methods of viewing 3D photographs.

  • Red Cyan 3D glasses
  • Red Blue 3D glasses
  • Red Green 3D glasses
  • Cross Eyed
  • Parallel Eyed
  • Above Below
  • color Anaglyph
  • Half color
  • Interlaced

Instructions for viewing 3D images

Click on Photo Gallery. You'll see a set of 2D thumbnails. Click on any one of these thumbnails to open that photo in the applet viewer.
There you can select any of the above listed methods of viewing.


The art of 3D Photography

The art of 3D Photography. A photograph can be visually stimulating, telling a story within the composition or just presenting beautiful or challenging shapes and colors.

Now add 3D to the mix and you have something quite special.

The audience sees something similar to the world we live in (3D). Many images will just hold your attention from the pure novelty of it's 3D'ness. But the

images you will come back to are the ones that combine composition with the color constraints and physical process obtaining the best results in 3D.

An anaglyph, be it produced red/green, red/blue, red/cyan or color can be beautiful in it's own right without using any optical aids to see the 3D.

If the beauty in it's composition is recognised and appreciated in 2D then it's a work of Art & Magic in 3D! It'll inspire and motivate

people to get hold of the viewing equipment (glasses) or learn how to freeview (cross eyed or parallel viewing). This is where I hope to take this, my vision of 3D Photography. Depth Charge 3D will introduce you to beautiful 3D anaglyphs and stereo pairs.

snb3d will be the site for "the best 3D photography" showcasing the work where all the rules have been applied and then quite possibly broken! Providing a gallery of stunning 3D anaglyphs.

A Marketing and Advertisers Dream

3D photography has long been used in advertising & marketing, selling and promotion, and for GOOD REASON. It's a powerful medium. No other type of 2D presentation requires the customers/audience to actively participate. This participation, engagement can hold a person's attention for up to 10x longer than any other conventional image. As with any image, if it speaks, pleases or in some way moves the spectator, it'll stay with them the whole of his or her lifetime. An advertisers dream!

The chance of this happening is greatly improved when the viewer has been held for longer upon initial view (being asked to actively participate visually by using anaglyph glasses, crossing their eyes or indeed using other display methods).

Technological improvements within cinema, television & computer worlds have made leaps and bounds. Offering a diverse selection of methods to view 3D. 3D is still finding it's feet, it's still cutting edge stuff! Almost any product would be served well (by association) with this ultra modern form of presentation.

About Me.

A career in Advertising, Design and Photography with a continued interest in the latest graphical technological developments. It's no surprise I've been fascinated by 3D photography and it's development in both the "taking of" and the "presenting of" stereoscopic photography.

I've mentioned before how images can stay with you for a lifetime! Sit back now, look away from this screen and conjure up an image that has stayed with you. It might be a famous painting or famous advert? It might not be anything famous at all, but the image whatever it is, spoke to you. Once you start doing this you'll find there's always more than a few to choose from but perhaps not as many as you'd anticipate. They're precious commodities. At a guess some of you may even recall a scene or two from the fantastic Avatar 3D movie.

One image for me, back in 1993, was from the very excellent Marketing & Creative Handbook magazine. It featured a New York scene with yellow taxi cabs in a glorious 3D anaglyph. To this day I still return to it, just to enjoy it! It's that image that fired my imagination & fascination in all things 3D.


The magic of 3d!


I've been interested in 3D photography for many years and hope to convey some of the magic to you. I'd be very interested to hear your opinions. I hope you enjoy the site! Please leave messages and contact me on my 3D blog/forum.

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Depth Charge Stereoscopic 3D Photography


Depth Charge 3D Photography