The history of 3D Stereoscopic Photography - Timeline

Actually the theory behind stereoscopy and the way humans perceive depth pre-dates photography. I've included here a timeline for the history of photography to illustrate this and to see how 3D photography fits within photography developments.

"In 1838 Professor Charles Wheatstone established that humans perceive depth when the brain combines two slightly different images. Each eye, separated by about two and a half inches, sees things with a slightly different aspect. This discrepancy, Wheatstone believed, allows us to see the world in three dimensions."

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"Until 1833 various people (Euclid, Leonardo DaVinci, etc.) had made remarks and observations regarding our two-eyed vision but no one really
understood how stereoscopic vision works."

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"Henry Collen (1797-1879) made a stereoscopic calotype portrait of Charles Babbage in August 1841. This is now lost. The Babbage portrait may be one of those referred to by Charles Wheatstone, writing in 1852."

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"Stereoscopy is the enhancement of the illusion of depth in a photograph, movie, or other two-dimensional image by presenting a slightly different image to each eye, and thereby adding the first of these cues (stereopsis) as well. It is important to note that the second cue is still not satisfied and therefore the illusion of depth is incomplete."

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The history of 3D Photography, Movies and 3D Media - Timeline
1830's   1838:
Professor Charles Wheatstone invents stereogram

Talbot invents photographic process
1840's Stereography is born
1850's Abraham Lincoln the 1st president to be photographed in 3D

Brewster Stereoscope sold to general public and a quarter of a million sold within the first 3 months.
1860's Holms stereoscope introduced to the US mass market, proved very popular.
1890's C.W. Briggs Magic Lantern shows

Hauron invents the anaglyph format.
1900's Kodak's Box Brownie $1 Camera introduced

Roosevelt the most photographed President in 3D with 300 plus stereo pairs.

L'Arrivée du Train
Recognised as the first 3D Movie to have been shown to audiences created by the Lumière brothers (Auguste and Louis). It's less than a minute long.
1920's 1922:
First full length 3D Movie "The Power of Love"
1930's 1938:
Viewmaster introduced for adults
1940's 3D Comics

Realist introduces stereo camera
1950's 3D photography reaches height of popularity helped by the popularity of 3D Movies during this period
1960's 1963:
Kodak Instamatic and the Polaroid Polacolor introduced. These products helped in the decline of popularity of 3D during this period.
1980's 1983:
Jaws 3D the film
1990's 1994:
2000's Sports Illustrated 3D Swimsuit edition

Avatar the highest grossing film to-date shown in both 2D and 3D
2010's 2010:
The worlds first mass market 3D digital camera launched. Fujifilm W1 3D


Timeline of the History of 3D Photography



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