The art of 3D Photography

All types of 3D photography including a multi-format 3D photo gallery, 3D anaglyphs, stereoscopic
pairs and a 3D photography forum (blog) enabling you to post your own 3D photographs.

"Depth Charge" 3D Photography


The main 3D photography gallery enables you to view a 3D photo in the format of your choice.
You don't even need special 3D glasses to view 3D photography, just the ability to cross your eyes, choose cross-eyed from the drop down menu or select the format that best suits you.

Warning: Regular pictures will seem flat after viewing this website.

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There's two EXTRA 3D photography galleries for the purists of 3D photography.

3D Photo Gallery 2

3D Stereoscopic Pairs

Photo gallery purely of stereoscopic pairs, set up for cross-eyed viewing. An excellent way to view 3D photography if you don't have anaglyph glasses.
Click the links or photographs below.

Stereo Pairs 3D
Photo Gallery

stereoscopic pairs

3D Stereoscopic pairs photo gallery for viewing photos in FULL COLOR 3D just by crossing your eyes.


3D Photo Gallery 3

3D Anaglyphs

Photo gallery containing 3D photography of gray and color 3D anaglyphs. You'll need your red/green
3D glasses to view these images. Click on the links or photographs below.

Color Anaglyph 3D
Photo Gallery

Anaglyph - Picadilly Circus

3D color anaglyphs photo gallery for viewing with red/green or red/cyan 3D anaglyph glasses.


Black & White (Gray) 3D Anaglyphs

Depth Charge 3D's Selection of 3D anaglyphs

Black and White 3D anaglyphs

3D Anaglyph - A Bigger Splash - Swimming Pool photo inspired by David Hockney


3D Stereoscopic Pairs

Depth Charge 3D's selection of 3D stereo pairs

3D Stereoscopic Pairs

3D Anaglyph - A Bigger Splash - Swimming Pool photo inspired by David Hockney



Narnia - Infra Red photo of snow on banches

2D infrared photography. See the depth to it in the 3D Photo Gallery.


Depth Charge 3D Photography

There's many formats and ways in which to view 3D photography. Did you know it's possible to view these 3D photos in color and without the need for specialised 3D glasses just by crossing your eyes? The techniques take a little practice but I think they're worth the effort because the resulting image is in full color AND 3D. Alternatively obtaining a pair of red/green or red/blue 3D anaglyph glasses will save you from this effort. I'll explain in more detail the different formats and ways of viewing 3D in the how to view 3D section of this website.

Depth Charge 3D is all about introducing you to 3D photography and for your visual stimulation and entertainment, personally I think the effect can be quite magical.

As we all know 3D Films, televisions and 3D cameras are becoming more and more popular and I'll try to give an idea of what's going on in this field as this site develops and as 3D technologies evolve.

If you have something to say on the subject please post it on our 3D Photography BLOG designed for all things 3D.

Autumn leaves with frost coating

Autumn leaves on a frosty day. See them in 3D here.

3D Photography Forum

3D Photography Forum

Join the 3D community on our dedicated 3D Photography Forum. Plenty to discuss and comment on, everyone's welcome. Click 3D Photography Forum and join in!

The forum's not just for your words, post examples of your favourite 3D photography. Show off your work and allow others to comment and enjoy.

If you've some technical know-how and tips to pass on or just enjoy great photography please join in.

Promote your 3D work

Although the Depth Charge 3D Photography Forum is primarily about 3D photography the Forum is open for discussion about anything 3D as there's often cross-over of interest. Click here.

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Depth Charge 3D also has it's own 3D Photography Facebook page Facebook 3D Post your 3D Photography, 3D anaglyphs and stereoscopic photography here! Upload your own photography or comment and share other peoples work. Click Here.

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Depth Charge 3D Photo Gallery

allows for some of the following methods of viewing 3D photos and images.

  • Red Cyan 3D glasses
  • Red Blue 3D glasses
  • Red Green 3D glasses
  • Cross Eyed
  • Parallel Eyed
  • Above Below
  • color Anaglyph
  • Half color
  • Interlaced


Instructions for viewing 3D photography

Click on 3D Photo Gallery. You'll see a set of 2D thumbnails. Click on any one of these thumbnails to open that photo in the applet viewer.
You can select any of the above listed methods for viewing 3D Photography.

See our sister site for FULL SCREEN anaglyphs.

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Depth Charge Stereoscopic 3D Photography


Depth Charge 3D Photography